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Tales from the land of mommy.

Imperial Journal for the Grand Duchess of Dnyle and De'lushin

I'm married, mother of three. My son is eight. My daughters are eighteen months and nearly three. My husband works in the lovely world of computer geeks.
I have a terrible addiction to manga as they seem to be the only books in the last year or so I seem to be able to read. I have a decent sized collection. I vastly enjoy Demon Diary, Vampire Game, Inuyasha, Rourouni Kenshin, Hikaru no Go, Red River, Naruto and a number of others, but those are the ones I actively collect.
I also enjoy reading and writing fanfiction. At present I've restricted myself to the worlds of Harry Potter and Naruto. Eventually I hope to publish something original, if only I come up with something that doesn't involve some one else's intellectual property first. At the rate I'm going, it will wind up being on back yard orchards in north Texas.
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